eatigo! The Best Gourmet reservation app in Bangkok!!!

Looking for a good place to eat?

Want to try a new type of dish?

Or is booking a table in Bangkok a challenge for you?

Here is the answer to all your questions!

I am proud to introduce, 

Here are some of the features,

You can search your restaurant depending on category! 

Filter your searches by place, type of food, or situation.

Or you can search for a restaurant around you on the map!

Tables can be easily booked,

Cancel and rebook can also be simply done!

It has a super user-friendly interface which takes off all the stress when you try to do the same through other websites and phone calls.


And the best part of this app is that it offers you discounts depending on the time your reservation is!!
Discounts can go up to 50% of the price which is outstanding!

Eatigo also provides restaurant info in Pattaya and Singapore as well.

I have to say, this app is fantastic!

I myself am a huge fan of this app,  I use it so often that it feels ridiculous to go eat out and eat in a restaurant not on eatigo. 

Lets hope and if it will be available in other cities and languages!

eatigo (explanation video in english)

Official Website: http://eatigo.com/home/th/en/

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